Wall has broken…

I didn’t told you

I wanted to do

But fortunately a doubt

Stopped me to do.


I surrender to situation

Decided not to talk

But the force off you

Didn’t allowed me to walk.


I cried, I laughed too much

I wept and smiled

I lost my control on myself

And the man inside me died.


The soft women

Of whom I was unaware

Came out of me

And told me with care.


Isn’t it is beautiful,

Isn’t it is enjoyable,

Go deep and dig more

The treasure there is uncountable.


I cried, I enjoyed,

I wept, I enjoyed,

I enjoyed the pain,

And in pleasure I enjoyed.


I got you in real form,

I got you inside me

The women of me,

Was you inside me.


You was unaware

I was completely taken

But the wall between me

And you was broken..

With love

The Wizard.


If there would be no pain…

In the mid of a convention of so called intelligent people, The Wizard was given a place in the corner. He accepted it with contentment.

He get bored after a while, when he saw that the intelligent people are talking about nonsense things.

“What if there would be no pain?” Said one intelligent.

“World will be free of pain and happiness will be everywhere.” Answered the other intelligent and all the intelligent people accepted his statement.

“No!” Wizard yelled from corner, he stand and adjusted his bag. Then he said

“All the people standing in front of door. I am warning you, leave your place.”

Everyone get scared and they leaved their places.

He rushed toward the door and after reaching to the door he said,

If there would be no pain, there would be no life, and no poet.”

“And if there would be no poet, you people will don’t be able to read any intelligent thing.”

“And if you will don’t read anything, you will don’t think you are wise.”

And if you will don’t think so you will don’t organize this convention.”

And if you will don’t organize this convention you will don’t call me and I will not be bored.”

After saying so Wizard rushed from the place.

From love

The Wizard.

Being human means being responsible.

Tribes and farmers,

Knows what they are

To birds, they worship.

The art they learned

From hundreds of generation

Shows they know

The hunger,

But the unusual

Thing is that

They feel it

For their partners

With whom they are living

In this land.

They know

Being human means

Being responsible.

The farmers of chhattisgarh, India, make certain handicrafts from the paddy. So that the birds could come and eat them.

Unlike the modern literate world which thinks about only themselves, this people think about the small endangered creatures.

This shows that even though they are illiterate they are not uneducated.

Love and respect for the culture who thinks about the humanity and take responsibility too.

Proud to born in such great civilization.

The Wizard

Not always….

Not always

But suddenly,

I find myself on the eastern beach,

At early morning.

I don’t only look the sun

And the sea.

But I welcome the sun

And join the dance of sea.

Suddenly I start flying

With the small white patches

I saw on sky.

And then I know

They have wonderful wings

That they have shared with me.

Suddenly I jump

Into a world

That I have created

But I am unaware of.

Suddenly I see myself

In this infinite

And tries to put them

On a small paper.

Because I know

It happens suddenly

Not always….

With love

The Wizard