I haven’t forget you…

You don’t know it

I haven’t told you.

You came into my life

And gone.

Anonymous of the wounds

I got because of you.

I know you don’t even know me,

Because there was nothing

To remember,

But I haven’t forget you

Because I can’t….

For love

The Wizard.

38 thoughts on “I haven’t forget you…

  1. I have nominated you for liebster award do check the post at my blog and if you are accepting the nomination do the nomination post today as 25 December is the last day of submission

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      1. I never got my interest in Urdu till i was in 8th …

        First time it was just an assignment but till then I was infected by the Urdu …😊😊

        So this is what I can say about Urdu …
        It’s an infection, you die and then you live …

        I love Urdu…
        It’s beautiful but more than that it is magical…

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      2. Indeed, it’s magical. The ‘nazākat’ Urdu has is unmatched.
        But sadly the world is now more attracted towards profanity.

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      3. Subhanallah! You write so well. The bittersweet pain of unrequited love is so evident in all the poems. They are really amazing. You should share them here too.

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