Wall has broken…

I didn’t told you

I wanted to do

But fortunately a doubt

Stopped me to do.


I surrender to situation

Decided not to talk

But the force off you

Didn’t allowed me to walk.


I cried, I laughed too much

I wept and smiled

I lost my control on myself

And the man inside me died.


The soft women

Of whom I was unaware

Came out of me

And told me with care.


Isn’t it is beautiful,

Isn’t it is enjoyable,

Go deep and dig more

The treasure there is uncountable.


I cried, I enjoyed,

I wept, I enjoyed,

I enjoyed the pain,

And in pleasure I enjoyed.


I got you in real form,

I got you inside me

The women of me,

Was you inside me.


You was unaware

I was completely taken

But the wall between me

And you was broken..

With love

The Wizard.

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