Again it rained

Again it rained in winter and gave me a feeling of celebration. Life celebrates every moment.

So let’s begin

1. drop is here. Can you see it?

2. This golden flower is very happy so we call it merry gold.

3. And the seed which contains a large Pipal tree inside.

4. At last … Beautiful.

With love

The Wizard

30 thoughts on “Again it rained

      1. Spoiler means ,like for eg :- if whole group has planned for some amazing trip & everything has finalized ,but at the mean time one turns up with his/her excuses & spoil all the mood ,so coz of that ,it spoils all the stuff .
        So here rain won’t play the spoiler role ,for this I pray to Jesus 😂

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      2. Do people even think about such useless things?
        I mean I am from Navodaya and so there are thousands or things I don’t know about the outside life, i.e. about social media and all that. ( I am exception, don’t judge all navodayan like this.) Actually I was not so much interested about these all and suddenly I entered into this vast sea of Network and I find so many usefully things and so many weirdest thing like this word here.

        As I became a bit introvert, since I started experiencing love in everything, every word became too significant for me that I think too much about words and thoughts.

        Spoilers as you say seems a very normal and usual people but I thought his figure would be like a strong criticizer.
        I still have so many things to learn. Huh…
        Ok …
        At last …

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      3. By the way I would love if it will rain because I live in mountains of chhattisgarh. ( Again please don’t judge chhattisgarh people here. I am Again exception.) And when it rains the beauty of mountain increases thousands time. But it doesn’t matter how we hope and plan.
        Nature goes on beautifully and wonderfully.( If man doesn’t interfere, this also is exception.)

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