“I want to learn art of jewellery making from you.” Said the boy to the old man.

“I can’t teach you that.” Said the old man and smiled. “No one can teach you that.”

The boy remained stunned. Everyone who saw his jewellery designing appreciated his work and many of them suggested him to come to the old goldsmith who was said to be such a great artist that people once spreaded the rumour that he puts the magic into gold and he simply said

“That is not a magic but I can’t compare that beauty less than a magic.”

The disappointed young man said

“But I thought you are the best Goldsmith ever and you can teach me this art.”

The old man said

“Sorry brother! I can teach you only skills. It’s only thing I can give you completely and it’s up to you how much you want to take but..”

He looked at sky and said

“No art can be taught you have to live it by yourself.”

With love

The Wizard.

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