The heart in the well

Once upon a time, a young man lived in a villege. He was living a normal but unsatisfied life.

He went to a wise man and asked.

“I am not satisfied with my life.”

The wise man looked at him and smiled.

“No youth should be satisfied with whatever he has. This is the key of a satisfaction in his life, go on searching your life and you will never say it again to anyone.”

The man said “I have sufficient amount of money, a family, a good job. I don’t even need to search anything in my life. Even though I am not satisfied please help me.”

“Whatever you told me is not completely true not even you have come to seek for your answer but what I saw in you is significant. It is a good sign. Your stars are in a very specific position it indicates that your heart has find something precious for you and he wants you to have that.”


“This happens to everyone once in their life. When they forget their path, that they really want to go in. Their heart reminds them of that path. Do you have a golden chance don’t miss it.”

Boy was amazed. He didn’t expected such answer for his simple question. He expected that he will tell him about those things that is written in scriptures or he will tell him some tips for his life. But he said something extraordinary and scary.

“Go to old garden and watch the well and you find it. Do it fast you don’t have too much time.

The man was too scared but also was very excited for this prophecy. So he rushed toward the well. He went to the garden and saw the well. He peeped into it . And tried to saw something he could find but their was complete dark.

“Here is nothing.”

He said while peeping in the well. But suddenly another sound came from the well.

“No I am here.”

The man freezed in fear. But after gathering some courage he said.

“I am your heart.”

“Yeah! the master told me about you that you will come and will tell me something.”

Sound said “I wants you to tell that there is a diamond in this well if you come down and have it you will get it, but do it fast because it will go deeper in this well and you will never be able to get it, come fast.”

And the sound stopped, it never came again. The man saw the well. He wanted to go to have the diamond but didn’t dared.

“Huh! I am not the fool. There is no diamond in it.”

Said the man but he knew that he really wants to have that diamond and it is there in the well because his heart told him and it was so clear that it was impossible for him to not accept it. But the only problem was his fear of the well and he gave this excuse to his heart.

Next day a news spread in the city a man has found the diamond in the old well.

Love to all readers…

The Wizard

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