Fortunately I walked…

The main moto of pilgrimage is not to see ant temple, mosque, church or any other place but just to experience seren beauty of the path, which gives you a chance to dig inside you, to enjoy the company of your heart.


We were completely out of money. We were far away from our homes doing coaching for our pre university exam. We have not started earning so we are completely dependent on our parents for it. But now we had not a single penny for our daily use.

The Sunday test in our coaching institute is being held in a local school 4 km away from our place. I decided to walk that distance as I was not able to afford the taxi or autoriksha.

I started my journey with a heavy mind. I hoped for someone I knew who will see me and will give me lift. I hoped for some money is that I will be able to ask a autoriksha. But none of this happen the reality was something else.

I decided to go by a long way because the shortest path was a National Highway and I didn’t wanted to go in a noisy road. So I selected the quiet and peaceful road.

As the journey went ahead I started becoming more comfortable with that. I started watching the world with a different eyes I felt that since I have came to this city I have lost my own way of enjoy everything, every little thing.

The journey went ahead. My mind started telling me about so many things that he was watching in the locality. He told me about the unusual clean roads and well arranged houses in it’s both side. He told me about the life style of the people, that was very same as ours. He told me that in no way we are different and they are not staring at me but just watching me as I used to do to every stranger.

He told me many things that I was unaware of. Suddenly I was aware of all my thoughts, I was happier than any other common day of month. But the journey was remaining.

Slowly slowly my mind started less talking and more watching the things. I remembered the story the alchemist and I felt that what the Santiago would have felt during his journey to pyramids with the alchemist.

Suddenly I found that my mind is not talking to me so I let it go this way, even I didn’t wanted any disturbance in this all. I once even thought of capturing the money on my smartphone but then I found even that a disturbance because the experience of the live was much more magnificent than or recording.

I felt a great peace that day I didn’t wanted that road to last but it lasted I finished my exam and then I decide to always take the walking while coming to exam centre, even if I will have sufficient money and also i decided to go back without any vehicle….

Love to all the readers

Your Wizard

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